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MIL-1 Milling Pro: Suitable for accessing the embedded substance in resins and other materials.

We are pleased to announce the Milling Pro. This accessary can extract foreign materials buried 2 to 300µm below from the surface by using some types of tools and ultrasound wave.

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milling area and depth can be controlled through selection of the appropriate
milling tools.

Combined with Axis-Pro or Quick-Pro and Milling Pro enables to cut the specified area and depth by semi-automatic function.

Milling Pro enables not only cutting the Resins and Metal samples but also marking on surface of them.


We recently announced the new tool for Milling Pro.

・Diamond Knife 10µm(DK-10SC)

This is a useful for the samples that is difficult to scape by tungsten carbide tools such as robber samples.

You can watch the YouTube video of Milling cutting with this Diamond Knife through the link.

If you are interested in this system, please free to contact us or your local distributor.

Local Distributors

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HD TECH Co., Ltd.  Phone: + 31-276-7421  Email:
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Mountain Photonics GmbH Phone: +49 (0)8191 985199 0 E-Mail:
Opton Laser International Phone: +33 1 6941 0405 E-Mail:
●Republic of Singapore●
CHUANG INSTRUMENTATION Phone: +65 91-886-027 Email:
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